MxV Guidelines

Proposals and categories

As a Momentum member, you have a right to debate, amend, support and composite proposals which will be debated at the national conference. MxV is an online forum available to Momentum members allowing them to discuss and debate proposals in preparation for Momentum's national conference.

Note: This page previously outlined a process where the most popular proposals on MxV would go forward to the conference in February to be debated by delegates before being opened up to an all members' vote. Momentum's National Committee met on 3 December and decided that Momentum's inaugural conference will be a face-to-face delegate conference, with motions instead needing to pass through meetings in order to be debated.

Therefore, please note that proposals from MxV will not automatically go forward to the conference. Proposals can still be worked on and discussed on MxV, but to go to conference they must be submitted by at least one local Momentum group or another group eligible to submit proposals. For more information see the draft report from the National Committee. A new timetable to conference will be published soon.

Creating a proposal

Proposers can create proposals by clicking on the 'Create a proposal' button. Proposers should then fill in the form, allowing them to give their proposal a title, a short summary, and then the text.

They can argue for their proposal through whatever channels they have available, including online forums and local Momentum groups. Potential supporters can also contact proposers directly and/or make comments in the online forum to suggest amendments and composites.

Guidelines for proposers

Proposers should consider making proposals short enough for readers to be able to consider them, in order to prevent participation from becoming too time-consuming and to encourage the maximum levels of participation possible.

Proposals should also be written clearly in language which is widely understandable.

Code of conduct

Momentum promotes the values that Jeremy Corbyn popularised during his 2015 and 2016 campaigns, of fair, honest debate focused on policies, not personal attacks or harassment. All contributions in the online forum must follow this principle and be in line with Momentum's Code of Ethics. All Momentum members are reminded of the importance of conducting debates in a comradely and respectful fashion.

It is of course fine to make strong feelings clear, use humour, or point out where someone is being unreasonable. Critical comments about the role of other members, representatives, or staff of Momentum are of course part of democratic discussion but need to be made without resorting to personal attacks or slander and discussion should start from the presupposition that the overwhelming majority of people on all sides of the discussions are motivated by shared ideals of social justice and equality. Specific points are as follows:

  • Avoid swearing and equally never abuse, threaten or make a personal remark towards anyone, even if they are being offensive towards you.
  • If someone is offensive or threatening towards you, flag the comment so it can be moderated. You can also screen grab the message in question, save it and if necessary report it to
  • Any expressions of racism, sexism, ableism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ageism, homophobia, or transphobia will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately, and users will be blocked.
  • Because the objective of this space is to foster democratic and transparent debate, anonymous comments will not be permitted.
  • Reposting the same link or message repeatedly will be treated as spam and removed.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove comments which are clearly in contravention of the code of ethics. Users making clearly abusive comments will be blocked, while ones who make comments which are are obviously contrary to the purpose of MxV will be given a warning, and repeat offenders will be blocked.

Moderator guidelines

Please note that the online forum in which people comment on proposals will be continually moderated for comments which are abusive or which contravene the Code of Ethics in any other way. Moderators are of course also obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics, and have their own guidelines which are as follows:

Moderators must be respectful of all members, and must be discreet and maintain member confidentiality regarding member information. They must only delete member posts after consulting with the forum admins, and must act with professionalism at all times. Moderators must act with utmost objectivity and must not favour any particular 'side' in any given debate. Where posts are in a 'grey area' where they are potentially problematic but not explicitly in breach of the Code of Conduct, moderators should contact members directly and confidentially and raise any concerns with them.